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This page is dedicated to my fellow food crafts men and women who have products that I’d recommend to a friend:

Bruno’s Wax Peppers
Friends have ask me why I don’t make pickled peppers. Nothing I could imagine doing could to what Bruno’s have done for their family of specially grown peppers. Full of flavor, crunchy and available mild to hot, these peppers are a great accompaniment to everything from salads, pizza, pasta to pastrami. Not recommended with rich chocolate ice cream. Works with everything else.

David’s Old World Pastrami
When great pickles die and go to heaven, they end up on top of a steaming pile of thin-cut David’s Old World Pastrami. There is no better pastrami in the US. I know these are fighting words for true pastrami aficionados, but try this incredible pastrami and if you don’t agree, I hope the rest of your life is going well. David and Rachel Cane host a weekly radio show on food and travel, “A Matter of Taste” on Green Radio 960 AM.

Jimtown Store Products
Carrie Brown, the owner and proprietress of Jimtown Store, makes a variety of tasty products that you’ll find distributed far and wide. Carrie and the Jimtown Store are the culinary epicenter of the Alexander Valley. She not only makes her own products, she provides a venue at the Store for other local purveyors’ products. Anyone who visits her store can expect to find the best collection of locally produced foods and wines anywhere in our area.

Pug’s Leap Farmstead Cheese
These two guys make some of the finest goat cheeses around. Here in Healdsburg, they are to cheese what A. Rafanelli ( has been to wine; a not too-closely held secret local treasure. You can find Pascal and Eric at the Saturday-morning Healdsburg Farmer’s Market. Their products are getting more notice and will hopefully soon be available more widely.

SONOMACHEF.COM is a great place to shop for Sonoma-made products. Ken Kushnir, the force behind the site, has assembled an on-line selection of Sonoma County's best artesian products ranging from meats and cheeses to condiments, and, yes, pickles. Plan a whole meal around Ken's gourmet collection and don't forget the pickles!

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